Be Graft Coronary stent graft Covered stent Stent couvert


Small and medium Vessel Design (SV/MV), Stent Ø 2.50 / mm- Ø2.75mm - Ø4.00mm).




Stent length 8.00 mm- 24.00 mm




Be smart through a patented ‘one layer’ stent graft solution


Be competitive we are proud to have the lowest profile on the market *


Be flexible 5F GC compatibility for all sizes


Be efficient we have proven excellency of crossability and trackability *


Be compatible biocompatible to CoCr alloy and micro-porous ePTFE


Be covered expansion range: Ø 2.50 mm to Ø 4.00 mm, stent length: 8 mm to 40 mm


De Made in Germany




Unique balloon expandable stent graft delivery system for the treatment of Acute Coronary Artery Perforation and Rupture, Coronary Artery Aneurysm and Coronary Bypass-Vein Graft Aneurysm.




The Bentley InnoMed BeGraft Stent is composed of L605 cobalt-chromium alloy.


The stent designs are based on a series of zigzagging rings with multiple articulations per ring.




The delivery system of the stent graft has a shaft system with an integrated balloon near the distal tip. The shaft of the delivery system comprises a single-lumen tube, which divides into two lumens in the area of the distal tip.




The catheter is advanced over the guide wire via the short distal lumen, which enables to accurately position the catheter in the area of the perforation / rupture or aneurysm. The long, continuous lumen provides for inflation of the balloon with contrast medium. The semi-compliant balloon material provides


reaching a defined diameter at a specific pressure.




Two radio-opaque platinum/iridium markers indicate the crimped stent length on the balloon and therefore aid to position the stent graft in the vessel when using x-ray.


Two further markings on the catheter shaft help positioning the delivery system in relation to the tip of the guide catheter. The more proximal marking is used for femoral, the more distal one for brachial access.




Bentley-InnoMed has developed this delivery system with its specially designed one-layer stent graft based on a reliable low profile catheter with biocompatible materials. The stent graft combines a cobalt chrome stent platform covered with a micro-porous ePTFE membrane.




Bentley-Innomed GmbH “BeGraft” Coronary stent graft (Co.Chr.)




5 French compatible Ø 2.50 diameter available


Flexible low profile






Small and medium Vessel Design (SV/MV), Stent Ø 2.50 mm- 4.00mm


Stent length 8.00 mm- 24.00 mm


Stent Ø [mm] Stent length [mm]




8 12 16 18 21 24


Ø 2.50 BG08250 BG12250 BG16250 BG18250 BG21250 BG24250




8 12 16 18 21 24


Ø 2.75 BG08275 BG12275 BG16275 BG18275 BG21275 BG24275


Ø 3.00 BG08300 BG12300 BG16300 BG18300 BG21300 BG24300


Ø 3.50 BG08350 BG12350 BG16350 BG18350 BG21350 BG24350


Ø 4.00 BG08400 BG12400 BG16400 BG18400 BG21400 BG24400


www.bentley-innomed.com. Made in Germany